Worship Night

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Luke 18:16

On Friday night, our family made our second trip up to the ZOE campus for worship night.  The ZOE  staff was accompanied by twenty-nine short term missionaries from Australia who brought gifts over for all the kids.  It was a great experience for us and one thing that was extremely evident to me was the amount of faith the children have.  They weren’t just going through the motions as I often find myself doing, instead, they worship God with a genuine heart.  — Drake


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3 Responses to Worship Night

  1. Gravy-All-Ova says:

    Dra-Ake, bra(brother)…. I neva(never) did see you worship befo(before). I neva(never) even know yu(Dra-Ake) could sing??? HaHaHa! Das(thats) ok, we all worship in owa(our) own way, wen(when) I worship, peepo(people) always clap off beat fo(for) some reason??? PFFF(a mouth gesture, similar to spitting), I donno(don’t know) why, maybe I clap so good dey(they) get intimadaded(intimidated)… HaHaHa! But seriously, I proud to see dat(that) you rekenize(recognize) dat(that), iss(its) easy fo(for) get complacent n(and) fohget(forget) how to worship… Keep yo(your) fate(faith) strong, yo(your) maka(eyes) open, n(and) yo(your) spirit grounded on da(THE) foundation… I wen(went) write in pidgin fo(for) give yu(you) sum(some) of Hawai’i(HI, Oahu, 808 state) I sure yu(you) rekenize(recognize) da(the) langwej(language), but if not, I get da(the) Inglish(English) tranzlashen(translation) in parentaseez(I donno how fo spell parentaseez, HAHA! eedeyet), jus(just) in case yu(you) fohget(forget) how fo(for) talk pidgin(pidgin), HaHaHa!!! Ok ma brada, Aloohaaa- ALIKA(Ah-lee-kah, or ALIKS) 😉

  2. Uncle Leighton says:

    Aloha ….
    Welcome to Chiangmai
    I am the uncle of the Mabalot’s in Hawai’i
    Skye, Moi, Destiny and Journey
    Since I have lived in Chiangmai for a couple of years now
    and would like to offer you my services//advice if you come across any questions
    about Chiangmai … to the best of my abilities of course

    Hoping that we could hook-up

    Bum Bye

  3. Uncle Leighton says:

    Welcome to Chiangmai

    I am an uncle from the Mabalot’s of Hawai’i, that has been living in Chiangmai for quite a few years now.
    Skye, Moi, Destiny and Journey … requested me to get in contact with you to see if you will be needing any assistance or help in getting settled in Chiangmai.
    My only way of contacting you will be going through Grace International School
    and obtaining information from them … since these blogs prohibit email addresses and phone numbers.
    Unless you can contact your brother Bill or the Mabalot’s in Hawai’i and get my email address from them … if not, I will go through Grace’s in a few weeks.
    Hope that everything is fine with you and your family and parents
    and that you are getting familiar with the culture of the land of smiles.

    Again, welcome to Chiangmai
    and waiting to hook-up with you in the near future.
    I sure miss the ‘poki and lau lau’
    Bum Byes

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