Dedicating ZOE’s “House of Destiny”

A shining city upon a hill.

A prayer of dedication and blessing.

It was a sight to behold: As the representatives and donors from Life Outreach International (LOI) drove out of the forest and up to the new ZOE campus, they stood speechless, tears running down their cheeks, at the site of the newly completed “House of Destiny.”  LOI raised and donated the money to bring into reality the first phase of

Cutting the ribbon.

ZOE’s vision of a 100-acre campus. It was very humbling to be present for the dedication and a reminder that with God, nothing is impossible!

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2 Responses to Dedicating ZOE’s “House of Destiny”

  1. R Nakasaki says:

    Hello Boyers — beautiful Pics . . . and please keep blogging !! Lifting you up, Rachel

  2. Aunty Chick Corbelli says:

    Keep up your good work. I enjoy reading about what you all are doing.

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