Go Tigers!

"Let me at 'em, coach!"

So fast the camera can't keep up!

Drake was blessed to make the cut for the JV basketball team at Grace International!  Not too shabby considering that his last experience was playing in the PAL league about 5 years ago and never getting a “W!”  Kudos to the HCK Awana Journey gang for keeping those b-ball skills sharp on Monday nights! Number 13’s been grateful to see some game time so far and even scored 6 points in a recent win!  Go Tigers!

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One Response to Go Tigers!

  1. Gravy-All-Ova says:

    Whooa! Bra, you make me so proud…. All da lessens, an evretime I skoo yu at H-O-R-S-E finelee wen pay off…. Now I know it wasn’t done in vain…. HaHaHa! Yup, das right, I went deah. In fac, jus las night I wen cook up some new moves. Yu tawt yu seen it all, but yu neva see nuttin till seen deez moves, yeaah HaHa!
    Neh Bra, fo reel doh, congratulations. I proud o yu, n I glad to see yu flourishing. Too bad da Patriots not having as good a year as yu, AhAhA! PITTSBURG!
    Bra, yu wen miss out on all da crafting at AWANA, fo real, aks Isaiah, ahaha! Aks um if he like hearts on his matchbox, hahaha! Huuuh! I crack myself up…. :0 We still have fun, das da main ting, but we miss yu, nobody in da group is into broasdcasting their own greatness as you are, haha!
    Ok Bra, I’m out, Behave, Be strong, Be fast, Be smart. Raja, Alohaa!

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