Thai Wedding

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Soontrondanpri!

We were thrilled to attend our first Thai wedding on a recent Saturday.  Two ZOE staffers were getting married!  Since both English and Thai speaking guests would attend, a translator would be in constant use. As the wedding music began, we eagerly watched and waited for the beautiful bride and her company. Leading the way for the bride were 4 adorable, smiling ZOE kids serving as flower girls and ring bearers. The bride, Duengsiwon or “Milk” as everyone calls her, sparkled in a traditional white bridal gown and Wittaya or “Witt”, the groom, wore a nervous smile as the ceremony proceeded.  ZOE leader Mike Hart officiated the ceremony which took about 70 minutes because of the translating.

Sharing a wonderful day with Witt and Milk.

After posing with the newlyweds for a picture, we enjoyed a reception featuring hearty spaghetti (with very spicy sauce!) along with several traditional Thai dishes. The bride and groom warmly greeted all, thanking each guest with a traditional wai. The wedding was touching and the ceremony interesting to see a mix of Western and Thai traditions. On the way home we asked one of the missionaries if Thai newlyweds go on honeymoons. He said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Oh, we scheduled them for a child rescue trip to one of the hill tribes on Monday.” Wow! We sure felt sorry for them until we realized he was pulling our leg (who knew missionaries have a sense of humor?). May God bless Witt and Milk’s life together and may they be fruitful in Him!  — Elli

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One Response to Thai Wedding

  1. Glenda DeVera says:

    Beautiful! What a joy to be a part of it!

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