Sports Day

To the victors, go the ... trophies!

Every year, dozens of Chiang Mai Bible schools come together to compete in a 3-day sports tournament.  This year, the competition was held on the grounds of the Chiang Mai Polytechnic College.  Our ZOE Bible school students fielded teams for volleyball, soccer, takraw, and pétanque (or boules).

ZOE Bible students ready to take the field.

We also brought our own cheerleaders and band.

It is amazing to watch the agility and speed of Thai athletes, especially how adept they are with their heads and feet!  We were astonished to see the volleyball players return spiked balls with their feet and heads.  Even more breathtaking is the action in takraw.

The agility of Thai takraw players is unbelievable!

This game is somewhat akin to volleyball but played without the use of hands.  Players must hit a woven rattan ball over the net and into their opponents’ court using only their feet, knees, chest and head to touch the ball.  Each team consists of 3 players. A game is played in 2 sets with a 2-minute “halftime” between the sets.  First to score 21 wins!

To God goes the glory!

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