Because He is God!

Hawaiian-style football (note the slippahs!) in Thailand.

During the weekend of February 11-13, my Dad and I went on an exciting adventure to an orphanage/school in southwest Thailand.

Many hands make light work.

29 kids (or about half) of my eleventh grade class and a few parent chaperones packed into a five-van convoy for the six-hour drive to Mae Sot on the Thai-Burmese border as part of Grace International School’s Spiritual Emphasis Week.

We held a Bible camp for thirty Burmese war orphans who live at the home.  We played with the kids, taught them worship songs, had daily devotions, and had an all-around fabulous time.  We brought along hamburgers, hot dogs, all the fixings, potato chips, and watermelon to treat the Mae Sot kids to a good, old-fashioned American-style cookout.  My Dad and I grilled 80+ burgers and, for most of the kids, it was their first ever taste of these culinary delights!

After the game: Hit the showers!


The blessing was not only for the orphans but also for us.  Despite having next to nothing, the kids were always joyful and thankful for what they did have.  This experience really showed me, once again, that no matter what the situation is, God is worthy to be praised — because He is God!  — Drake

Bustin' a move!

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One Response to Because He is God!

  1. cal says:

    Drakie~ You get it! Way to minister out of your overflow! I love it! 🙂

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