Khantoke Dinner, Anyone?

Dinner ... and a dance!

Drake and I recently went on our first school field trip!  The outing was with our Thai language class.  Khun Meow (as in cat), our teacher, took about 10 of us to a “khantoke” dinner (  A khantoke is the pedestal tray used as a small dining table by the Lanna people of Northern Thailand.  The evening consisted of an authentic Thai meal and live performers.   When we arrived at our destination, we had to take our shoes off and were escorted to our reserved seats — on the ground.  My initial thought was, “Ugh, this is going to be a long night!” But the ground was surprisingly comfortable, the food was aroi (delicious), and the entertainment was, well entertaining.

After we finished eating, people from the audience were asked to partake in a traditional Thai dance.  Khun Meow, being the great teacher she is, made us all get up and humiliate ourselves, ahem, I mean, try the dance.  I have to admit it was pretty fun.  The next event of the night was a live show including many different hill tribes from northern Thailand.  Adorned in their tribal clothing, the different groups performed their customs such as games, dances and songs.  It was very interesting to be able to see each tribe’s special rituals and hear their native dialect.  All in all our first school excursion got an A+, and I look forward to many more of them.  In the meantime I’ll be practicing my dancing! ~ Elli

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One Response to Khantoke Dinner, Anyone?

  1. keena says:

    Pray for my daughter and her father who are in Jos, Nigeria. There are many bomb threats and a heli cam today to take one of the last missionaries out because of death threats.

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