Run For Relief

Elli's "Run For Relief" Slippers

What motivates several hundred men, women, and children of all ages to get up at the crack of dawn and run miles through the woods in sandals, flip-flops, and even barefoot?  If you live in Burma, chances are it’s because the brutal military junta that rules that nation is hunting you down to rape, kill, torture, or enslave you.  For over 40 years, many of Burma’s people — especially the Christian minority — have been subjected to systematic genocide at the hands of a despotic regime that uses children as soldiers and men and women as human land-mine detectors.

For the last seven years, Christians Concerned for Burma has sponsored the “Run For Relief” (, an opportunity to raise awareness and support for Burma’s oppressed people and help those running right now in Burma’s mountains.

This year’s event saw several hundred Thai, Burmese, and farangs (Western foreigners) assemble for the 7th Annual Run For Relief at Huay Tung Tao Reservoir in Mae Rim.  The entry fee was 200 baht per person ($6.50) and over 120,000 baht (almost $4000) was raised to help buy food, medicine and supplies for Burmese on the run.

The entire Boyer Ohana participated.  Dad and Drake ran the whole five kilometers with Drake coming in 5th among his age bracket (13-18) and Dad … well, let’s just say Dad finished!  Elli entered the Flip-Flop division where the runner is given a free pair before the race and must wear them the full course to show solidarity with those in Burma who often must run for their lives wearing only flip-flops (“slippahs” to our Hawaii readers!).  Mom  briskly walked the course keeping another ZOE missionary mom company.

It was an invigorating morning, offering a chance to help our brethren in Burma and get a little exercise, too!

We actually took this picture before the race. (That's why we look so "good"!)

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5 Responses to Run For Relief

  1. Reier family says:

    Excellent run! I have never ran far in slippahs but sounds fun for a worthy cause! Good job Boyers!

  2. Oguzhan says:

    Very impressive. I am sure you all looked “good” even after.

  3. Vandenberg Jones says:

    Hey Boyers;

    You guys look great we miss and love guys stay safe. Drake can you believe there is a football lock out. Don’t worry Elli Uncle will have to come over and show you some dance moves. LOL

  4. Calvin Ota says:

    Looking good guys!

  5. Meoh-Leng says:

    “Dad finished!”….way to go, Ron! Everyone’s looking good. I’m sure you’re feeling especially good inside too.

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