Dream Weaver

At ZOE we have 2 weaving looms that were brought in so the children have an opportunity to learn traditional handicraft skills that are practiced in their home villages.  We don’t want the kids to lose their culture or heritage.  The patterns shown in these pictures come from the Karen hill tribes.

First the thread is dyed, then the material is weaved, and shirts, tops and skirts are produced from the woven material.  One piece of material can be weaved in one day by the most experienced weavers.  Children, especially the girls, start to learn the art of weaving as early as 10 years old.  Some boys are also very skilled in this art.

Currently, some of the items such as skirts and shirts that are created with our looms are available for purchase at the little store located at the ZOE Children’s Home.

It is our dream that this handicraft will one day provide a means to create a micro-enterprise business through which some of our ZOE family members can earn money.

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