Sticky Falls

Living on the edge.

Since our family has been in Thailand for a few months now we have been exploring the land and searching for new things to do.  Recently, we took a trip to a beautiful waterfall about 45km from Chiang Mai.

Not as hard as it looks.

Proverbs 18:24

Bua Tong Waterfall is known as “Sticky Falls” because the geyser which feeds it is rich in calcium carbonate which prevents algae growth on the rocks. Because of this, it is possible to climb up the steep waterfall with little difficulty for the old folks and no difficulty for those who, for lack of a better phrase, are in their prime! — Drake

“... those who ... are in their prime!”

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One Response to Sticky Falls

  1. Ken Klinepeter says:

    Oh please! Drake you must not have noticed, but some old guy slipped into the picture behind you when you weren’t looking.

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