A Bug’s Life

Grasshoppers, lightning-bugs, beetles, praying mantises, spiders … you name it, Thailand’s got it. Ever since we moved to Thailand, we are constantly being shocked by the many different species of bugs, their strange variations, and their ENORMOUS size.

Although the list at the top does not seem very unique to Thailand there is most definitely a large difference between insects that we have observed here as opposed to elsewhere.

Another amazing experience we have had in Thailand is watching the ZOE kids’ expertise (and fearlessness!) at catching these large bugs and being able to put them on your back without you noticing until they end up on your head or face!

But bugs do not only provide fun and entertainment, as you may have guessed, these critters make up an important part of the Thai diet. Warning! This is not for the faint of heart; some of us braver souls have even tried a few, but that’s another story for another time. — Drake

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