Elections Thai-Style

Yesterday Thailand went to the polls to elect a Prime Minister and parliament. As a political junkie for many years, I do my best to keep abreast of the issues and political personalities here. Like Hawaii during election season, the highways and byways are awash with campaign signs. But here, the signs are larger than life and almost all of them feature a candidate’s picture. Since Thailand’s is a parliamentary system, there is a plethora of parties for which to poll. Each party has a number assigned it so voters cast their ballots for the party number rather than the party or candidate name. The whole family was fascinated by the campaign signs and though we didn’t know what any of the signs said, over time we came up with nicknames for the various candidates. One amazing thing we noticed. Today, only a day after the election, there is not a single sign to be seen along any road anywhere! It’s like the menehune came in the middle of the night and took them all down! A parting thought courtesy of Mark Twain: “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” Happy Birthday America! — Ron

A Serious Tie

Admiral Dorman

My Favorite Martian

Road Rage

For the Keiki

Justice Potter

Kabuki Man

Stage Fright


Century 21

Political Animals

Make-Up Contest


Rod Miyagi


Green Pinkie

Lei’d Back

Kim P

And the winner is ...

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One Response to Elections Thai-Style

  1. alan says:

    love the nicknames! especially mufi….

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