I Love the Smell of Muu-Ping in the Morning

muu: pork or pig; ping: to grill small things like pork on a stick, banana, egg, etc.

It has come to be somewhat of a tradition for the ZOE missionaries to stop by the roadside muu-ping stand every morning during our hourlong carpool to ZOE Children’s Homes. On any given day we have three to six missionary commuters all of whom have become quite fond of this street side delicacy. For 3 baht per stick (about 10 cents) we can buy Thailand’s version of a meat stick piping hot off of an open wood charcoal grill set up on a sidewalk along the highway. (Remind anyone of teriyaki sticks at the Wally Wok food booths?!) Only differences: it’s marinated pork, rather than beef and it’s served with a baggie of freshly cooked Thai-style sticky rice! The Thai Breakfast of Champions (or at least missionaries)!

Another satisfied muu-ping customer!

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