Volleyball Champs x 2

Grace International Tigers girl’s varsity volleyball champs!

Attending Grace International School has brought about many changes to Drake’s and my lives. We have made countless friends from around the world, we have been forced to wake up before 10 o’clock (a.m.), we have been bombarded with lovely homework and all the joys of “real school” but for me, by far one of my favorite things about going to Grace is playing volleyball!

Boyers Busily Bumping

This past volleyball season was very exciting as we both tried out and made our school’s varsity volleyball teams. Now, on top of homework, projects and going up to ZOE, we also had 2 hours of practice everyday after school and this often took place outside under the hot Thai sun. For us, however, volleyball was never a chore but a fun way to exercise, make new friends and continue our passion for this competitive sport.

Unlike the teams I had played on in the past, our Grace Tigers team made it a priority to pray before and after games. As players from 8th grade to seniors we all shared a special bond. As the weeks went by, we played many games probably losing more than we won, but by the time of our CMAC (Chiang Mai Athletic Conference) Tournament, which consists of a number of international schools, we were determined to put up a fight — and win it for the Lord! After many intense practices and matches, it was game day and the girl’s team went to another school to play while the guys ran the tournament at Grace. As we prayed and played and prayed some more we were winning one set at a time. That day we had to play at least five matches and after the first few we were exhausted, but we pushed forward and ended up winning the tournament without losing a single set! After the final point played out we all screamed like little girls — because that is, in fact, what we are — gave thanks to God and celebrated with ice cream compliments of Coach Ming! By then word came to us that the guy’s team had won their tournament, too!

For Drake and me, volleyball has opened many doors for us to meet new people and experience new levels of game play. Now we are both looking forward to the next season which begins in August. Meanwhile, during the summer, you can be sure to find Drake and me bumping around with the kids up at ZOE! ~ Elli

Grace International Tigers boy’s varsity volleyball champs!

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2 Responses to Volleyball Champs x 2

  1. Glenda DeVera says:

    Go Tigers! God bless yoour season!!!

  2. alan says:

    yay! nice going….

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