Fish Tale

And this little piggy went fishing!

It’s an activity for which I was hoping to find a willing companion ever since discovering it during our first few weeks in Chiang Mai: a visit to the fish spa! Who could imagine a business that charges money to have their fish munch off dead skin from your feet?!

Getting ready to take the plunge (or is it the dive?).

Earlier this month, some very special Hawaii friends, Garner and Joy Shimizu, paid us a visit in conjunction with their mission trip to Chiang Rai to serve at the Khaodee Orphanage. A team of 35 folks from Hawaii and the mainland, representing 11 churches, spent two weeks serving at this home that cares for 100 kids. This is the 11th annual visit to Khaodee by a Hawaii team. After blessing the orphanage, the group was able to spend a few days relaxing in Chiang Mai and we were delighted to meet so many new and old friends from our beloved home state that have a heart for missions!

Joy and Cissy baring their soles.

When Joy mentioned “fish spa” as something she would like to experience while in Chiang Mai, I knew this would be my chance to check out this unusual attraction. After paying $5, we sat down for a 30-minute session of fish “kissing” our calloused feet. Joy “quietly” screamed when she first stuck her toes in the water. “Three minutes!” the shop owner assured us … keep our feet down for three minutes and we would get used to the tickling. So we held our breath for a bit longer. It sure helped that the two of us had tons to catch up on and didn’t even realize when the 30-minute session came to a close. What a fun way to spend time with a dear friend and get a little pampering at the same time! (And you should have seen our beautiful feet afterwards!)

Maybe someone should bring this idea to Waikiki?! – Cissy.

Would you pay for this?!

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