Neighbor Problems

Unwelcome guest!

We have the best neighbors possible here in Thailand.  This blog isn’t about problems with neighbors, rather it is about problems some of our fellow missionaries have had this year.

Our very good friends who were our main encouragers to follow Christ to the mission field, the Ginoza Ohana, live about a mile from us in the same community.  Recently they had a very unwelcome guest:  a big snake!  The picture above speaks volumes but I’ll let Lynne Ginoza tell in her own words about the epic battle her husband joined against the serpent while son Garrett and friends watched:

“This snake was slithering on our front porch today! I wish I had a video of the kill – it was great … that snake had no chance against Les and that wood stick! Garrett, all his friends and myself were cheering from the other side of our glass door … what a show! Man vs snake … man won!”

Our next door neighbors and fellow missionaries, the Chongsiriwatana Family, arrived in July.  Joe and Yumi and their three children have been a blessing as neighbors.  After moving in, they noticed the occasional dead ant on their kitchen floor.  These were big ants, too!  Similar to carpenter ants.  One night Joe saw an ant come out of a little crack near the sink.  Aha!  “I have you now!” he thought.  Grabbing his bug spray, he aimed the poison into the crack and let ‘er rip!  Satisfied that he had put an end to the dead ant problem, he retired for the evening.  Early the next morning, when his daughter went into the kitchen, she was greeted with a scene worthy of Hitchcock!  Dead and dying ants everywhere.  Look closely at the picture below.  Those black spots are ants!

Definitely no picnic!

A few blocks away, live my office mate Dave Cross and his family.  They are ZOE’s Australian missionaries and just wonderful folks!  Earlier this year during some of the heaviest rains, the flood waters rose and spilled into their home.  Unfortunately, this was a quite costly problem and ran into many dollars in losses for them.   It was a true testament to their faith that they never uttered a word of anything but praise to God in spite of their hardship!

We feel so very blessed to have wonderful neighbors and co-workers here in Thailand.  It’s one of the many things we are grateful for this Thanksgiving!

When it rains, it pours ... in!

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