Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin!

It was a day filled with friendly competition as our ZOE kids took part in the annual Sports Day at their elementary school. The students were divided into three teams: red, blue and orange. The festivities began with an official opening ceremony complete with a flaming torch that was carried into the “stadium” by one honored athlete. Then, all spectators and participants rose for the playing of the Thai National Anthem.

Friendly Competition

The children competed in a variety of events including sprinting, 3-km run, 4-man relay, hula hoop contest, cheerleading and an unforgettable “dance off!” Fun and friendly fellowship was had by all.

Let me in, coach!

Our ZOE kids are blessed to attend a Christian elementary school affiliated with another children’s home. This is a rare opportunity for kids in Thailand to be able to attend a school where the Gospel is taught in all subjects. Eventually ZOE will build our own school on campus to allow for convenience and a safe, secure environment to learn. For now we are so thankful for this special school and its caring staff.

Of course, Sports Day would not be complete without a traditional awards ceremony including fancy medals and delicious snacks and goodies. Game on!

Winners’ Stand

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